Luke Myers

Luke Myers is an environmental artist, raised in Midcoast Maine. He holds a BA in studio arts from the University of Maine at Augusta, and an MFA from the University of South Florida. His multidisciplinary work has been exhibited in Maine, Florida, and London, and held in public collections at the University of Maine Augusta, and the Waldoboro Public Library. He currently works as the shop steward at UMA Architecture.


His work is about rebuilding empathetic connections with the natural world, in response to the disasters of anthropocentrism. He spends time in forests, with insects, trees, and plants, learning about and from them in a sensory way, not an empirical one, and translates those experiences into sculpture, video, and social action. With this process, attending to the often unseen but equally important members of the ecosystem, he seeks to question hierarchies and capitalist, human exceptionalist paradigms that currently define the Gaia/Anthropos relationship. Telling forest stories to people, and sharing our stories with the forest, he proposes new valuations and positions for both communities.

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