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Adam Montoya

Adam Antonio Montoya was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. There, between the Uintah Mountains and the Great Basin Desert, he was surrounded by the layered vistas, histories and stories of the American Southwest. Montoya received his Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Printmaking from the University of Utah, a Master of Fine Art from Arizona State University, and is pursuing a PhD in Aesthetics, Philosophy, and Art Theory at IDSVA.

Now in Central Maine, he is continuing his explorations of the oddities, subtleties, and grandeur of North America's physical and interior geographies. Through layered abstractions of analog and digital image-making processes and drawing, his work explores themes of mimesis, animism, and deep time. His work has been exhibited in several regional, national, and international exhibitions including exhibitions in Chihuahua, Mexico; Hangzhou, China; Tokyo, Japan; and Dundee, Scotland. 

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